Aska Pale Ale - 5.8%

Devils' Den IPA 7.0%

Hell's Holler Porter 7.2%

Bergey Brown - 6.0%

Moon Over Blue Ridge - 5.5%

GrasshoppA IMP IPA - 8.0%
Big Booty Black IPA - 6.0%

Tootla Creek Blonde Ale - 4.0%

 With a total of 18 taps on site, we are always adding awesome new brews.

Here are most of our regulars...


Grumpy Old Men Brewing

Tasting Room Hours:   Tuesday & Wednesday 11am-3pm

Thursday - Saturday  1pm - 6pm

​​Aska Pale Ale is a well balanced beer that is perfect anytime for watching your favorite football game or just sitting around with good friends enjoying conversation.  Smooth hops with floral aroma make this beer a great first choice for exploring the world of craft beers.  Pairs well with all types of food and snacks.

Devil's Den India Pale Ale is a moderately hopped IPA that is a perfect transition to hand crafted beer.  This IPA is most enjoyable as a stand-alone beer or a perfect companion to spicier foods such as Chicken Wings.  The hop acids and carbonation provide a great palate cleanser to take on even deep-fried delights. 

Hell’s Holler Porter is a hearty, mahogany colored ale brewed to evoke the dark, full-bodied ales that were a favorite of dockworkers and warehousemen (hence the name “Porter”) in 19th century London.  Try this one with beef, lamb, or even chicken.  Hints of chocolate and caramel make this the perfect pairing for drinking during a meal or when you feel like a beverage with a little more body and flavor.

Bergey Brown Ale is an American take on an English classic with malts and hops in equilibrium.  A complex beer with a 7 malt and 3 hop mix provides a toasty, chocolate, roasted nut and tobacco palate that is balanced with a little sweet and an earthy bitterness.

Moon Over Blue Ridge Wheat Ale is a light and fruity beer that is refreshing in the Belgian Witbier style.  Spice this one up with an orange, or if you dare, a lime.  Drink by itself or as an accompaniment for appetizers, salads, or fish.

Grasshoppa Imperial Pale Ale was made by upping the grain bill and hops on our stock IPA recipe. Grasshoppa features earthy Columbus hops starting the bitter. One of our biggest aroma beers thanks to Citra hops, the melon, lime and citrus rind give our Imperial its tropical punch. 

Big Booty Black IPA is almost a cross between an IPA and a Porter, this beer projects a chocolate nose, creamy head, floral and lemon hop aroma and flavor with a slight bitter finish.  A nice balance of roasty malts and IPA style hops.   

Tootla Creek Blonde Ale is a traditional Blonde Ale.  Made especially for those that appreciate a lighter beer for a hot summer day.  Light, crisp, honey flavors with subtle floral flavors.

​​​​​Grumpy Old Men Brewing